Delafield Contra Dance
 A place to "Dance as if no one was watching"
Weekend Information

Can I register for the entire weekend on Friday when I arrive?
Yes you can! It helps us with planning if you can preregister online. You can also bring your check with you on Friday after you complete the registration.
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What do I need to bring?
a. Your clean leather soled shoes. We want to keep the floor in good shape and ask for your help by cleaning your shoes well before going on the dance floor.

b. Your water bottle. Water will be available at the hall. And the weather forecast looks like sunny weather and temps in low 80's.

c. A contribution for the snack table will be appreciated.

d. The desire to have lots of fun!
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Is the dance gender balanced?
No this dance isn't gender balanced. We encourage you to enjoy dancing with who ever asks you to dance.
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How is traveling through Chicago?
Depending on the time of day the travel through Chicago can be very easy. Check
for construction updates.

How is traveling around Milwaukee?
Here is a link to real time traffic conditions in Wisconsin,
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Is the hall air conditioned?
Yes, the hall is air conditioned and we will have very large fans to help with air circulation.
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Food at the venue

There will be snacks available Friday night and Saturday night.

Saturday night dinner is on your own. Locals are happy to give recommendations.

Sunday morning sandwich fixings will be available at the lunch break.

Saturday box lunches are available for purchase. The cost is $10 and includes a sandwich of your choice - baked ham, turkey, roast beef, vegetarian - on a bread with lettuce and cheese, fruit, pasta salad and a cookie as well as a soda.
Of special interest. . .

We will also have a bucket raffle going on. The featured item is a quilt designed, made and donated by Jo Mortland and Jim Ryan dancers from Chicago. It has a great contra dance theme. Check out the past quilts on facebook.

What state are represented in 2018?
What states were represented in 2017?
WI, TX, IL, PA, NC, MI, OH, NY, MO, and CT, 
What states were represented in 2016?
WI, IL, MI, OH, MO, KY, IN, NC, PA, IA, LA, VT, WA and CA 

What states were represented in 2013?
WI, IL, MI, WA, OH, MO, KY, IN, NE and Ontario, Canada! 
What states were represented in 2012?
WI, IL, MA, PA, OH, IA, MO, KY, MD, IN and VA!
What states were represented in 2011?
WI, IL, MI, PA, OH, TX, KS, IA, MO, KY, MA, IN, NC and VA! 
What states were represented in 2010?

WI, MO, MI, IL, PA, OH, IA, MI, TX, MT, FL, KY and VA!
What states were represented in 2009?

WI, MO, IL, PA, OH, IA, MI, KY, DC and VA!
What states were represented in 2008?
WI, MO, MN, IL, OH, IA, MI, PA, VA, UT, KY, CT and NY!

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